Annual Don't Walk By

Annual Don’t Walk By is an outreach campaign where Rescue Alliance Members & Partners encourage our fellow New Yorkers to put in practice the parable of the Good Samaritan and choose not to pass by our neighbors surviving on the street. Over 1,000 volunteers will blanket the streets of Manhattan, meeting individuals and inviting them back to an anchor church where they are offered a hot meal, clothing, basic medical care, and an opportunity for an alternative life.  

Registration for annual Don't Walk By will open December 1st, 2017. 

If you have questions or would like your church or organization to partner with Don't Walk By, please email

Meeting Specific Needs

Street Outreach & Compassionate Care

Create meaningful connections with our neighbors struggling to survive on the City's streets. Weekly opportunities through: 

NYC Relief

Street Life Ministries

Bowery Mission

NYC Rescue Mission

Shelter &
Life Transformation

Contribute to create safe, clean shelter and residential recovery programs through teaching, mentoring, and loving the guests in our programs through: 

Bowery Mission

Goodwill Rescue Mission

NYC Rescue Mission

Employment &
Job Training

Support our homeless friends as they develop the skills and the habits to maintain a job, which is so crucial to finding adequate, stable housing, reconnecting with family and staying on track spiritually and in recovery. 

NYC Rescue Mission

Bowery Mission

Interested in serving in another way or with another vulnerable population? 
Check out other opportunities through Hope for New York