Join us for Don't Walk By 2018! 

Don’t Walk By is an annual outreach campaign where Rescue Alliance Members & Partners encourage our fellow New Yorkers to put in practice the parable of the Good Samaritan and choose not to pass by our neighbors surviving on the street. Over 1,000 volunteers will blanket the streets of Manhattan, meeting individuals and inviting them back to an anchor church where they are offered a hot meal, clothing, basic medical care, and an opportunity for an alternative life. 




Annual Don't Walk By

Registration for Don't Walk By 2018 opens Dec. 1st!

Across four weeks of outreach and service to our homeless neighbors, over 1,100 volunteers engage more than 800 individuals across the city and host 600 at our anchor church locations. The follow-up care team from New York City Relief keeps in touch with our friends, providing long-term care and support to help each person find an alternative life. 

To sign up, please click below on the weekend you'd like to serve:

To learn more about annual Don't Walk By, visit our Overview page. 



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