A city where everyone belongs.


To end homelessness in New York City and restore the well-being of our neighbors on the street. We believe life transformation occurs at the intersection of three essential elements of care.




Every person we see today bears the image of God and has unsurpassable worth, yet our culture constantly demands we see others in a lesser, or brighter, light than our own. We believe any care provided for our friends that is void of compassion will ultimately fall short; we are all humans in need of a community of friends and family to remind us we belong.



Every New Yorker is invited to help create a city where everyone belongs. We believe we can do far more together than we could ever do alone. Our goal is to work with top agencies across the city providing a wide spectrum of care, to equip caring New Yorkers with the tools necessary to offer a next step to our neighbors on the street, and to partner with the homeless, empowering each person to begin a journey of life transformation.



Every story on the street has a prequel, each offering a unique perspective of how one became homeless; there is no single elixir to heal the pain. From basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter, to detox centers, mental health care, medical care, supportive housing, life transformation programs, employment readiness, education, advocacy, case management, and a host of other essentials, we offer environments where holistic care can be received.