Over 63,000 New Yorkers sleep in shelters each night. 


There are 23,000 children experiencing homelessness in New York City.


About 4,000 New Yorkers sleep on the street each night. 


Homelessness is more than just a loss of shelter. The story of a homeless person is often a winding road that could include job loss, relational loss, mental illness, or addiction. Each story is unique, and so caring for each person experiencing homelessness requires relationship and a personal touch. 




War, political unrest, and natural disasters leave individuals and families displaced and looking for shelter. 



Shortage of affordable housing, unemployment & low-wage employment, discrimination against racial & sexual minorities, and a fragmented service system create a perfect for increased evictions and loss of housing. 



Early childhood environment, trauma & abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, and substance abuse shape the stories of individuals experiencing social isolation and homelessness. 

Becoming homeless involves a gradual downward spiral that often begins in early childhood. Features of early life that increase the likelihood of homelessness in adulthood include abuse; neglect; abandonment; transience; poverty; and parental mental health issues,  including substance abuse.

- Dr. Deborah Finfgeld-Connett 




Volunteer at Don't Walk By or with one of our partner organizations.

Request resource cards and more information about how to help the homeless. 



Invite Rescue Alliance to train and resource your staff or congregation to care for the homeless.

Mobilize volunteers to serve through Hope for New York, Don't Walk By, or our ministry partners.  



Contact us to talk about how you can join our partnerships to serve our neighbors. 

Consider partnering with us for Don't Walk By. 




By taking the time to look people in the eye, flash a smile, and interact for even a moment, you show respect and care to men and women suffering on the street.

You can refer someone you meet to any of the services of the rescue alliance or give them a Resource Card with information about program offerings and locations. 


Pray. Pray for homeless families. Pray for homeless veterans. Pray for leaders in our city who face incredible challenges. Pray for the Rescue Alliance and its endeavors.


Click here to learn about our compassionate, collaborative, and comprehensive approach. 

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