Compassionate Care

Compassionate Care services meet basic needs with no barriers to participation, in the Rescue Alliance, compassionate care is always accompanied by an invitation to next steps in our continuum of care. We find that the road to lasting recovery and economic independence beings with a hot shower, a filling meal, and genuine connection to a trustworthy friend. 

Together, the Rescue Alliance distributes thousands of meals every year, hundreds of clothing items, and engages over 300 people in long-term residential recovery. Compassionate Care includes: 

Outreach  |  Meal Service  |  Shower Programs  |  Hygiene kits  |  Medical Care


Collaborative Care

Homelessness is a multi-dimensional problem that requires a dynamic, collaborative approach. Collectively, the Rescue Alliance is able to provide a higher quality of care to a greater quantity of people. Our collaborative initiatives include: 

Outreach  |  Shared Data Tracking  |  Sharing Referrals/Resources  |  Mobile Case Management


Comprehensive Care

The Rescue Alliance Continuum of Care is not the work of a single organization, but the product of many groups working together to create a cohesive array of services to meet people where they are. 



Emergency Shelter


Mobile Care Management

Life Transformation Programs




Mental Health